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Shengyi people embody the spirit of "endless improvement, as they are continuously striving " to create a sustainable improvement system with characteristics that benefit and are suitable for all of the people. Shengyi systems covers continuous improvement, rationalization proposals, technological innovation and many other aspects that focus on “Provide customer with satisfying product & service, and proceed with continuous improvement." The quality policy of "Jing" and the excellent, stable and continuous improvement of product and service quality has become one of the core competitive advantages of SYTECH.


  • 1998

    Taking the lead in introducing rationalization proposals and QCC in Guangdong Shengyi Technology, opened the curtain of continuous improvement.

  • 2003

    Imported 5S management, invited Japanese consultants to help create a clean, orderly and efficient work site for stable quality control.

  • 2004

    The introduction of MINI QCC improved and trained the first batch of black belt, gradually introduced 6 SIGMA, enriched the company's improvement model, and deepened the company's continuous improvement.

  • 2006

    Establish the “flow red flag” incentive mechanism, introduce the concept of position master, encourage the site operators to constantly improve skills, pay attention to every detail points of quality control, save every inch of glass cloth, reject silly mistakes in quality control , encourage employees to constantly pursue higher quality goals.

  • 2007

    Started to introduced in lean production, AC and DC analysis, TPM, rapid change, seven wastes, visual management and other analysis methods, and established the lean processes and Lean Factory review mechanism, from a waste point of view of the production process for in-depth experience. After ten years of hard work, successfully built the first lean factory in 2017.

  • 2015

    SYTECH officially issued the " Intelligent Manufacturing Roadmap", representing the formal direction towards industry 4.0. The core is to improve customer satisfaction and improve quality. Under the guidance of the dual-core concept, the building of intelligent manufacturing plant of Shengyi Technologies is in full swing, and in 2018, the first demonstration intelligent manufacturing line is successfully launched.


Perfect system management is a strong cornerstone of SYTECH's quality management, and we make full use of advanced management system to manage scientifically and keeps pace with the times.
1993 In 1993, Shengyi Technology took the lead in passing the ISO 9001 quality management system certification in the industry. The systematic management thinking with quality as the core is deeply rooted in the hearts of Shengyi people.
1998 The responsibility to the environment and society make Shengyi keep improving himself. In 1998, Shengyi got ISO14001 environmental system certified, which has improved the entire stuff’s environmental protect concept, to make the most use of the energy resources and continuously improve the environmental condition.
1999 To ensure the effective and accurate measurement process and results, in 1999, Shengyi got GB / T19022 measurement management system certification, measurement management system has become the foundation for the company's improvement.
2002 In order to improve the staff's awareness of information security and enhance their ability to manage and control information security risks in the information age, Shengyi Technology passed the ISO/IEC27001 information security management system certification in 2002, which would ensure the business continuity of the information age, information availability, integrity and security escort.
2004 In order to meet the requirements of high-end customers and provide better products and services, in 2004, Shengyi Technology passed ISO/ TS16949 automotive industry technical specification certification and upgraded to IATF 16949 automotive industry quality management system certification in 2018, fully supporting the company's product strategy.
2016 With the newly application of emerging information technology, the traditional mode of production is inevitably changing. The integration of industrialization and informationization has become a trend. In 2016, Shengyi has got the certification of GB/T23000 informationization and industrialization integrated management system, which has helped us to gradually realize automation, intelligence, refinement and advancement of production through the. Deep development.
From 1993 to the present, in the process of introduction, practice and continuous improvement of the management system, each management system has played a strong role, and gradually formed a relatively unified management concept, idea, method and management culture with its own characteristics in the company, which has laid a solid foundation for promoting overall competitiveness and achieving sustainable development.
The Perfect Quality is the Continuous Pursuit of SYTECH
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